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We provide quality commercial maintenance service to business complexes, apartments, gas stations, restaurants, and much more. We understand what needs to be done to abide by health and sanitation standards. Every business has unique needs, and we are able to bid on a contract you provide, or help you to come up with one that suits your needs. Rather you are looking for bare minimum maintenance just to keep things neat and orderly, or you need pristine and beautiful ground management at all times, we are here to assist! We are licensed and insured and can provide all necessary insurance documents to work on your property.

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Once we custom tailor a contract to suit your needs, we will provide reliable and consistent service based on the contract we are under. We will work with you, or your property managers to make sure we are meeting expectations at all times. Our team has industry leading equipment and training in order to provide the most effective service possible. Our team also endures lots of training to ensure they are respectful, and most importantly safe around your business, employees, and customers. Our billing department will make it easy for you to either pay your invoices online or work out a mail-in method of payment.


What makes your company different from others in commercial maintenance? 


Our company is unique from other large maintenance companies because we service a lot of homeowners as well. This means our staff must be knowledgeable, safe, and respectful at all times. You will not find our team doing things that make you look bad to your customers or employees. For example, when a customer is in range of the mower the operator will cease operation until it’s safe to proceed. We will direct the clippings to places that will not damage your windows, cars, or any other property. You will not find our team peeking inside of windows, or using the restroom outdoors on the premises. You can count on us for high quality and dependable service at all times.


Are you insured to work on commercial buildings?


Yes! We are often required to provide documents to commercial clients with all of the information you need to protect your company. We always keep up to date insurance and can provide these documents at any time. 


How do we pay?


You can set up a monthly installment plan over 12 months, or you can pay for each individual service as it occurs. If you are paying for each individual service, it will be required to keep a card on file to charge the services as they are completed. If you wish to pay monthly, you can pay by card or check every month for the agreed upon installment amount. Clients paying by check are required to maintain a positive balance, paying for the month ahead. (Example: Payment for services in January is due on January 1st, for services being rendered the month of January.)


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Why Us? We’re Family.


For more than 15 years, our specialist have been servicing land in North Carolina. We are family owned and operated and thoroughly enjoy the work we do. We believe in being honest with our customers and never giving false expectations.

  • We adhere to our strict core values ensuring consistently excellent service.
  • We’re professional, dependable and reliable.
  • We continue seek new trends and train our knowledgeable staff on industry trends.
  • Just in case, we’re fully insured.
  • We are fully licensed to perform our services.

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