Grubs thrive in the same soil conditions that support healthy grass growth—it’s that straightforward. Unfortunately, their presence also attracts moles and voles, leading to unsightly tunnels and damaged grass. Left unchecked, grubs can mature into Japanese Beetles, posing a threat to your trees and shrubs. At Pretty Grass, we believe in proactive measures to address grubs before they become a problem. Our comprehensive approach ensures your lawn remains healthy and free from destructive pests.

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Q: Why are grubs bad for the lawn?

A: Grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn, causing extensive damage that can be both unsightly and costly to repair. As these voracious pests feed on the roots of grass, they weaken the turf, leading to patches of brown, dying grass that easily detach from the soil. Additionally, their presence attracts other lawn-damaging pests like moles and voles, who further exacerbate the problem by tunneling through the weakened turf, leaving behind a trail of destruction. If left untreated, a grub infestation can quickly escalate, resulting in widespread lawn damage that requires significant time and resources to rectify.

Q: What do you do to remove them?

A: At Pretty Grass, we take a proactive approach to grub control, utilizing professional-grade products to effectively eradicate these destructive pests from your lawn. Our team of experts carefully selects and applies specialized treatments that target grubs at their source, ensuring thorough elimination and long-lasting protection for your turf. By leveraging industry-leading products and techniques, we can address grub infestations with precision and efficiency, restoring the health and vitality of your lawn while minimizing the risk of future damage. With Pretty Grass, you can trust that your lawn is in capable hands, and we’ll work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction with every treatment.

Q: Is grub control included in your Reinforced Organic Treatments?

A: Yes, grub control is indeed included as part of our Reinforced Organic Treatments. One round of grub control is included in our standard treatment plan. However, in certain cases where extreme circumstances arise, additional treatments may be necessary. If you observe signs of moles or voles in your lawn, it may be an indication that further action is needed. In such instances, we may recommend combining an additional visit for grub control with the application of products designed to deter moles and voles, thus addressing the issue comprehensively and effectively. Rest assured, our team is committed to ensuring the health and integrity of your lawn, and we’ll work closely with you to determine the best course of action for your specific needs.


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