Pretty Grass provides professional and reliable Weddington North Carolina Lawn Care services to neighborhoods inWeddington and surrounding neighborhoods. 

We’re invested in your your community because we are a part of your community and a yard with PrettyGrass meansWeddington remains beautiful.

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Why Us? We’re Family.


For more than 15 years, our specialist have been servicing land in North Carolina. We are family owned and operated and thoroughly enjoy the work we do. We believe in being honest with our customers and never giving false expectations.

  • We adhere to our strict core values ensuring consistently excellent service.
  • We’re professional, dependable and reliable.
  • We continue seek new trends and train our knowledgeable staff on industry trends.
  • Just in case, we’re fully insured.
  • We are fully licensed to perform our services.

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We provide honest, reliable, and high quality service to every single customer, every single time.  We're the family that the big guys don't want you to know about.