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Unfortunately, due to our location it is very common for us to get some fungal diseases in the summertime, typically it will be a fungus known as “Brown Spot”. When we plant grass seed we always try to use a seed that is brown spot resistant, but even still with the right conditions you may experience this.

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When we notice the fungus beginning we want to try to eliminate it as quickly as possible so it does not spread. We will apply a 3-round treatment that will eliminate all the fungus in the lawn and keep it gone. 

Is fungicide part of the Reinforced Organic Treatments?

Because not every lawn will experience brown spot or fungal infections. We keep this program separated and only perform it when necessary so that we are not applying stuff to your lawn that you do not need. If you think your lawn is having a fungus problem, let us know and we will come take a look. If you are already on our package we will be on the lookout for this type of thing and let you know if we spot it. 


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